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Energy and support from the community serves to inspire much of the work that we do at the farm. We were thrilled to welcome over 1000 people to this year’s FarmAde celebration on September 16! For many folks, it was their first time visiting the UBC Farm and learning about our sustainability programming.

Hats off to Nancy Toogood for launching FarmAde for the ninth year in a row despite her intensely demanding role as the AMS Food & Beverage Manager. FarmAde was made possible in large part due to the generous support of the AMS, Student Care, the University Neighbourhoods Association and UBC Transportation Planning. Warm, special gratitude to Margaret Bloomquist for being our FarmAde Volunteer Coordinator extroardinaire.

Photos below are courtesy of Cynthia, Mike, Justin, Amy and Sprouts. You can check out the winning images from our FarmAde photo contest at Sprouts until mid-October, where they are being sold as a fundraiser for the UBC Farm!


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Some plants wait until the drizzly, overcast days of autumn when leaves turn to rich mush at their feet before they finally divulge the gorgeous pigments that they had been hiding all along.

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One of Dr. Rieseberg’s graduate students has been studying the wild
Silverleaf variety in trial plots in the UBC Farm’s annual crop
rotation. The CBC has picked up on the work; here is the link to the article.

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My last one! It’s been a joy to bring you photos each week, and I will miss it very much. However Halifax calls, and I must answer. Amy will be rocking the blog though, so I leave you in good hands. Enjoy these farewell shots of a gorgeous day.

Many good farm wishes,


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