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Paper-making & Farm walkabout

The Friends of the UBC Farm  held their first walkabout and workshop of 2013 yesterday morning. The sun even came out to greet us as we took a walk around the farm, spotting many different bird species among the fields and trees. We spotted a few varieties growing in the fields, including beets, kale, collard greens, and various herbs. After the tour we made seed paper and little soil pots using recycled newsprint, a variety of seeds, and dried flowers from the UBC Farm. It was a nice way to end the week and start off the weekend!

Coming up in February and March, FoTF will be holding an outreach booth at the Environmental Fair in Gage Residence on Feb 26 (6-8pm) and on March 15 we’ll be at the UBC Farm Student Symposium at the SUB (9-5pm) – Hope to see you there!


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Une vignette de fraises

Because this most adored of aggregate accessory fruits is so short-lived, we made a special effort to capture a few moments of strawberry-savouring over the past week.

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What the farm looks like this week!

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Caught in a string of sunshiney days – no clear end in sight. We’ve all been mentioning our hopes for some rain, though. Make sure to come check out all this gorgeous stuff at our first market of the year, this Saturday, June 13th.

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One red beacon of summer

Snapped this photo on a particularly dreadful Thursday and it gave me hope:

Many others have ripened since then, despite the persistent rain…

Another major hurdle finally passed is the completion of our third chicken coop. Tim, our field manager, designed and spearheaded the construction of the house. After a rainy afternoon of carting around some fairly grumpy chickens, they are now acclimating to their new home on the range. You can see this flock, a new variety developed by researchers in Agassiz, B.C., directly ahead as you enter our front gates.

New chicken coop in progress

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In Season

Markets start on June 21st, but we’re already enjoying the pleasures of Spring around here. The asparagus, a particular favorite of mine, has been coming up for weeks and is still pushing up plenty of new stalks.

If you’ve never seen an asparagus plant in person, please do. They are bizzare and beautiful things. The spears emerge quickly from the ground, gaining color as they lengthen. If not harvested, our spears grow 3-4 feet and then begin sending out branches from each scale along their sides. The branches burst out in bright green foliage, and will develop brilliant red berries later in the season.

Spring is also the season of waiting… One thing I am waiting especially ardently for is these:

Just starting to blush pink and fill out, they’ll be plump and delicious in a few weeks. (Less, if I’m lucky!)

And one more good sign, the bees are in high activity mode. Our beekeeper Alan has given me an optimistic update for this season, and if all goes well there will be UBC Farm honey for sale this summer.

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