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Brie ng it on. Cheese maker and organic farmer David Asher Rotsztain draining whey.

Brie ng it on. Cheese maker and organic farmer David Asher Rotsztain draining whey.

Once again, the UBC Farm Growing Season Workshop Series is looking forward to hosting four cheese making workshops this month led by organic farmer and cheese maker David Asher Rotsztain! These popular workshops fill up quite quickly, so please register soon to avoid disappointment.

Intro to Cheese Making (Three sessions – May 15, 16 and 29)
Join cheesemaker David Asher Rotsztain as we explore the fascinating realm of cheese. 
David will demonstrate and explain the techniques for making three basic styles of cheese: paneer, yogourt cheese and camembert, an aged rennet cheese.

Location:  UBC Farm Centre, 6182 South Campus Rd, Vancouver BC
Cost: $40 ($1.99+ registration fee). Materials included.
Dates: Tuesday, May 15th, 6pm-9:45pm: 

Advanced Cheese Making
In this advanced workshop, we will explore many different aged and fresh cheeses. Two new classes of cheeses will be introduced: hard cheeses and goat-milk cheeses. We will examine some of the many pathways for ageing soft cheeses by demonstrating the techniques of making blue cheeses, washed rind cheeses and feta. In addition, we will be learning about whey cheeses and mozzarella. 

Location:  UBC Farm Centre, 6182 South Campus Rd, Vancouver BC
Cost: $40 ($1.99+ registration fee). Materials included.
Date: Wednesday, May 30th, 6pm-9:45pm   

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Beginner baking workshop at the UBC Farm with Florin Moldovan

Beginner baking workshop at the UBC Farm with Florin Moldovan

*Please note: This workshop has sold out, and the waitlist is full. We hope to be able to offer additional workshops with Florin this season! To stay posted on upcoming Growing Season workshops, please sign up for the UBC Farm Market email list.*

Artisan baker Florin Moldovan is hosting another beginner baking workshop as part of the UBC Farm Growing Season Series next Wednesday, March 21st from 6-9pm. His last workshop in January sold out quite quickly, so interested folks are encouraged to register soon!

Flour up your hands and get ready to rise into the world of bread. Florin Moldovan will describe the science behind the perfect loaf, the grains that form it and some of the cultural lore of baking bread. This beginner workshop will provide participants with the techniques needed to make excellent loaves at home using readily available ingredients.

“I believe only good people make bread, so when I see someone making bread I Just know. And when bad people make bread, it probably won’t turn out.” – Florin Moldovan, as quoted in the Vancouver Observer’s article on the January ’12 UBC Farm bread baking workshop

  • Date: Wednesday, March 21st, 6pm-9pm
  • Location:  UBC Farm Centre
  • Cost: $30 ($1.74+ registration fee). Materials included.

For more information and to register: http://knead-to-know.eventbrite.ca/

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Preserving the fall: a seasonal workshop in canning what’s local – Sunday, November 13th, 1pm-4pm.

Pickled Carrots 3

Photo courtesy of mgsimpson999 on Flickr Creative Commons.

In this three-hour session that emphasizes safe canning practices, participants will learn how to make jams and pickles using a boiling water bath canner. The principles of pressure canning, and other preservation techniques, will also be discussed.
The workshop will consist of a presentation followed by hands on canning session in which participants have the opportunity to make both a jam and make pickled carrots using local, seasonal ingredients. Registration includes all supplies and participants will take home a jar of preserves. Cost: $30 (plus $1.74 registration fee,) materials included.  For more information and to register visit the eventbrite registration page.

Knitting it together: an introduction to knitting – Wednesday, November 30th, 6pm-9pm.

In this introductory course on knitting, participants will learn the basics of knitting from the materials required, to reading a pattern. Spend the evening casting on and off, learning the art of knit and pearl. Cost: $25 (plus $1.61 registration fee), knitting supplies included!  Please note there are no refunds for cancellations. For more information and to register visit the eventbrite page. Please note that space is limited to 11 participants. Growing season workshops do sell out fast, so make sure to purchase your ticket early.


Photo courtesy of Dyanna on Flickr Creative Commons.

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Pickling Cukes!

The Farm is a-buzz with visions of pickles, and the time is now for making them.  Pickling cukes are crawling out of their beds and into the rows, lending their spiny green skins to harvesting hands, revealing cool cucumbery flesh…  but more so they are ready for pickling!

Did you know? Pickles are loaded with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Potassium, and are a good source of dietary fiber (the skins!).  The combination of hydrating flesh with fibery skins containing silica, K , Magnesium and other minerals make for an awesome, and nutritious snack.

Mmm, Mmm.  Pickles, gherkins, baby dills.  In a sandwich, on a stick, or by the jar full!  These days a majority of pickles are store bought and available in countless vinegar-based varieties.  You may have tried your hand at preserving your own or had a generous friend pass on a home-canned jar.  Ever had a sour or brined pickle?  I remember a kosher deli in the neighbourhood I grew up in, I’d order a bowl of soup, and most of all enjoy the never ending bowl of  brined pickles and beets on the counter – YUM!  Fermented pickles are easy to make and offer the additional benefits of fermented foods – contributing to a healthy digestive system for starters.

This week the farm has two opportunities for you to engage with Pickling Cukes!  Come on over to the Saturday market for pickling cukes, fresh garlic and herbs, in addition to the many other farm fresh offerings.  Extra special this week is a free Fermentation Demonstration at the Saturday market!  Explore further with the popular Food Preservation by Fermentation workshop on the evening of August 17th.  Join Chef Andrea Potter as she guides participants to create cucumber pickles, sauerkraut, and demonstrate kimchi making (check out the previous blog post about  Growing Seasons workshops or http://fermentaugust2011.eventbrite.com/ to register).

To avoid finding yourself in a pickle, come learn how to make your own – see you at the farm!

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Growing Season Workshops!


Three Sisters in the Kitchen: A traditional Maya cooking class.


Join members of the UBC Farm Maya in Exile Garden for an interactive traditional cooking workshop on August 13th, 2011 from 2pm-4pm. Learn some of the medicinal and culinary uses of various herbs and vegetables grown in their garden. In this workshop, participants will have a chance to make three dishes using amaranth (bledo), yerba mora and squash blossoms. Try your hand at making fresh tortillas, and enjoy the garden-fresh dishes you prepare! If time permits, participants will have a chance to visit the Maya Garden at the UBC Farm. For more information and to register click here!

Date: Saturday August 13th,  2pm-4pm

Cost: $30 (+ $1.74 registration fee)


Food Preservation by Fermentation!

This popular class is an introduction to the world of fermented vegetables.

Fermenting foods is an ancient method of preserving the harvest. Rich in probiotics and enzymes for improving digestion, these raw foods are re-gaining their popularity. Reclaim this skill and learn how to make sauerkraut, kimchi and brined pickles at home. We will be making: Cucumber pickles featuring UBC Farm’s own pickling cucs! A batch of sauerkraut for you to take home and start fermenting right away. A demonstration of making kimchi is included. And of course a pickle tasting platter! For more information and to register click here!

Date: Wednesday August 17th, 6pm-9pm

Cost: $50 (+ 2.24 registration fee)

For more information check out the registration links above.

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Photo courtesy of Meighan on Flickr.

Another ROUND of Cheese. We hope you’re ready for some more cheese filled fun, as David’s back in the city with 3 beginner classes and one advanced workshop to choose from!


In the Beginner Cheese class you’ll learn how to make fromagefrais, paneer, blue cheese, cheese curds, yogourt andkefir. David will lead participants through the various stages of the cheesemaking process from culturing to l’affinage (ageing). The workshop will emphasize a sort of ‘natural cheesemaking’, with a focus on simple, hands-on techniques that can be easily reproduced at home. David will also discuss the history, science and practice of cheesemaking, the politics of raw milk, rennet free cheeses and dairy ferments. Oh, and there will be lots of cheese to eat too!.For more information and to register click on the date(s) below:

Want to learn more about cheese? Why not take the advanced cheese course? In the advanced course you will: Knead mozzarella, brine feta cheese, and make Swiss style hard cheeses. Be enlightened about goat’s milk, goat’s milk cheeses, and the making of the most delicious chevre. Your very own cheese handbook will be provided. For more information and to register click on the date below:

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He’s back for another round of cheesy fun! Join David Rotsztain for a beginner cheese workshop, or, if you’ve already taken the beginner course take it to the next level with advanced cheese making. For more information and to register for the workshop of your choice, click on the date and class you’re interested in! Space is limited and these sessions sell out quickly. All workshops held at Tapestry Residence, 3382 Wesbrook Mall.


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