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Exploring the Food System on the West Side: A Series of Talks and Tours
Presented by Garden Heart Productions and the Westside Food Security Collaborative
Speaker/Tour Host: Spring Gillard, author of Diary of a Compost Hotline Operator

Talks: Wednesday Evenings in June. Time: 7 to 9pm
Location: June 3, at the SPEC building, 2150 Maple; June 10,17, 24 at Kits Neighbourhood House Hall, 2305 West 7th @ Vine

June 3: Feeding Ourselves. How Do We Fare on the West Side?
What is food security? What is a food system? How resilient is ours? Why in a neighbourhood of plenty, are people still going hungry? What resources and programs are in place to ensure our food security and where are the gaps? An introduction to food security from the local perspective. Students will take home a concrete list of at least 10 things they can do to help strengthen the food system in their own neighbourhood.

June 10: West Side Food Woes
A recent study revealed a malnutrition problem on the affluent west side of Vancouver. How is that possible? The Buy-Low Foods Store at 4th and Alma has just closed down. How will that affect the neighbourhood? A look at access and mobility issues and the role grocery store design plays in enhancing public health, community vitality and helping to ensure a secure food supply.

June 17: The Gauntlet
As we walk in our west side neighbourhoods, many of us run the daily gauntlet of outstretched hands, from the homeless to the NGO’s. We look at the emergency food system and the charity model and ponder: To give or not to give? Learn about food programs on the west side that cater to vulnerable populations, as well as other initiatives that help increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables for all.

June 24: Waste Not, Want Not
A look at the waste management system on the west side. From backyard to commercial composting, food recovery programs and innovative initiatives designed to waste not. Find out what you can do in your own backyard to reduce edible and inedible food waste.

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