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Nancy’s organic, homemade ketchup was all the rage at this year’s 9th Annual FarmAde.

This recipe should yield about 4 litres, which may be a lot for singles or couples. However, because it is time consuming, this quantity is probably worth the time and effort. Ideally, the tomatoes, onions and garlic should be organic, as they were for FarmAde.

  • 12# of fresh, ripe tomatoes
  • 3# of yellow onion
  • 1 head of peeled garlic
  • 2 cups of apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup each of honey, molasses and brown sugar (molasses has a pretty distinct taste, so it can easily be substituted for more honey or sugar)
  • 1 tablespoon each of dry mustard powder, all spice, black pepper and cayenne pepper (this gives it a bit of a kick and can be adjusted according to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cloves
  • 3 tablespoons of salt
  • 1.5 to 2 cups of tomato paste

Wash, core and chop  the tomatoes, peel and rough chop the onions and mince the garlic.

Put these 3 ingredients in a large, heavy bottom pot and sweat on low heat until the tomatoes break down.

Add the apple cider vinegar and simmer until the onions and garlic (and tomatoes) have softened completely (about ½ an hour).

Add the sweeteners and the seasonings and simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally, being you sure you don’t scorch the pan.

Remove from heat, transfer to another large container and let mixture cool.  Don’t bother washing the pot, you’ll need it again!

It is at this point that you can go to the trouble of straining out all the seeds and skin for a more sophisticated ketchup, but Nancy does not do this.  Personally, she prefers it  rustic, which is how it was prepared for FarmAde.

Taste for seasonings and sweetness and see how thick your mixture is, once cooled.

Transfer small batches of ketchup to a food processer and blend until smooth.

Tomatoes & onions have varying degrees of water and the thickness of your ketchup is personal taste.  It is at this point where you would add as much or as little tomato paste to achieve the desired degree of thickness.

Once you have added the paste, pour ketchup back into the pot and simmer on very low heat for about ½ hour.

Depending on how quickly you plan on using up the ketchup, you can either pour it into sterilized  canning jars to about an inch from the top, or just put it into clean glass containers and give some to your friends!  It will keep for about two to three weeks like this in the fridge.


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Energy and support from the community serves to inspire much of the work that we do at the farm. We were thrilled to welcome over 1000 people to this year’s FarmAde celebration on September 16! For many folks, it was their first time visiting the UBC Farm and learning about our sustainability programming.

Hats off to Nancy Toogood for launching FarmAde for the ninth year in a row despite her intensely demanding role as the AMS Food & Beverage Manager. FarmAde was made possible in large part due to the generous support of the AMS, Student Care, the University Neighbourhoods Association and UBC Transportation Planning. Warm, special gratitude to Margaret Bloomquist for being our FarmAde Volunteer Coordinator extroardinaire.

Photos below are courtesy of Cynthia, Mike, Justin, Amy and Sprouts. You can check out the winning images from our FarmAde photo contest at Sprouts until mid-October, where they are being sold as a fundraiser for the UBC Farm!

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Just a reminder that we will be unveiling the winners of the FarmAde photo contest tonight! We hope you can make it to this special community potluck at Sprouts and cast your ballot for the people’s choice picture. Did we mention that voters will be rewarded with Sprouts’ famous fair trade, vegan chocolate brownies?

If you can’t make it to tonight’s potluck, please be sure to swing by Sprouts over the next two weeks. A dozen beautiful images from the talented FarmAde photo contest entrants, including the three below, will be gracing the walls of the cafe until mid-October. They will also be sold at Sprouts as a fundraiser for the UBC Farm.

When: Wednesday, Sept 28, 5:30pm-7pm

Where: Sprouts in the Student Union Building basement, just steps from the north bus loop.

What to bring: A veg-friendly dish to share, along with a plate and eating utensils.

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Farm-fresh corn

***Update: Please click here to see the route map for our three free FarmAde Shuttle buses, which will run from 3pm onward!****

We’re pleased to welcome you to the 9th annual FarmAde this Friday, Sept 16 from 3-8pm!  Our free-admission, all-ages event serves as a celebration of food, music and community at Vancouver’s very unique urban farm.  Where else in the city would you find audience-participation square dancing, children’s potato sack racing, belly dancing and farm-fresh food at one event?
This year, we’re excited to feature:

  • Vegan, vegetarian and local, free-range beef burgers
  • Smoothies & juice from The Juice Caboose (organic, vegan, gluten free and soy free)
  • Farm-fresh corn and organic UBC Farm veggies
  • Organic, fair trade baked goods from Sprouts (vegan options)
  • A beverage garden featuring handcrafted brew from East Van’s Storm Brewing

Many thanks to the generous support of the Alma Mater Society, Student Care, University Neighbourhoods Association, and UBC Transportation Planning. Looking forward to seeing you this Friday!

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Thanks to everyone who made it out to FarmAde last Friday.

Many thanks also to our wonderful volunteers and to the tireless Nancy Toogood for spearheading this event with such zeal for the eighth year in a row!  Without you, FarmAde would simply not have taken place. Our home brewing workshop host, Danny Seeton, also deserves a special shout out for having enthusiastically led a workshop for over 4 hours amidst a painful headache, which he only revealed to us the end of the day.

With about 1300 smiling attendees strolling through the UBC Farm gates, this year was our best attended FarmAde.  It was such a pleasure to see so many familiar faces and to welcome folks who had never been to the UBC Farm. This annual event is a very important part of promoting awareness about the UBC Farm, the opportunities that it offers for academic and community involvement, and also for supporting its land security.

Amidst all of the bustle on Friday, we realize that FarmAde did not take place without a few inevitable rough patches.  In particular, we apologize for challenges with the shuttle busing.  We greatly appreciate your understanding with such matters, and we welcome input about how we can make the event more enjoyable next year.  Also, we’d gladly appreciate any pictures from the day that you would be willing to share with us (friendsoftheubcfarm@gmail.com)!

Photos courtesy of Annie, Justin, Sang and Nicole.

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It’s raining corn! Hallelujah!

Humidity is rising – Barometer’s getting low
According to all sources, the farm’s the place to go
Cause Friday from 3-8
Better get them gumboots worn
For the first time in FarmAde history
It’s gonna start raining corn

It’s Raining corn! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining corn! Blow the horn! I’m gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet!

(Thank you Weather Girls and Geri Halliwell)


Photo by Bennyboy218 on Flickr CC

Two important updates about FarmAde this Friday:

  1. This year, all of the sweet corn at FarmAde will be from ears grown right on site at the UBC Farm! In previous years, our maize yields have never been large enough to sell at FarmAde, but we have quite a healthy 2010 harvest. Yum!
  2. The weather forecast is calling for precipitation on Friday. However, the word on the street is that you’re not a true Vancouverite until you’ve danced to local music in the rain. We certainly wouldn’t want to deprive you of this foundational rite of passage, and thus, we’re fired for a gloriously Vancouverish, rainy FarmAde!  We might even have prizes for the best photos of people kicking up their heels up at FarmAde in the rain.

Please dress appropriately, especially if you’re bringing younger Farm Friends.   See you on Friday!

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We’re really juiced up about our annual FarmAde event at the UBC Farm (6182 South Campus Rd).  Come on out to this family friendly, free admission, rain-or-shine event this Friday, Sept 17 from 3-8pm!

Transportation: Although we strongly encourage walking and cycling, a free shuttle bus will pick up and drop off attendees along a campus route from 3-8:30pm:

Excellent reasons to join the fun this year include:

  • Live local music (The Agora String Band, The Ruffled Feathers and The Outliers)
  • BBQ (vegan, veggie and beef burgers)
  • UBC Farm corn and other fresh, organic veggies
  • Beer garden featuring local handcrafted beer from Storm Brewing and BC apple cider
  • Beer-making workshop and info table about local brewing
  • Bike tune-ups by donation from the UBC Bike Co-Op
  • Farm Tours
  • Info Fair with fine groups from UBC and greater Vancouver engaged in building healthy, sustainable communities
  • Info about UBC Farm’s season-long organic farming practicum program, Sowing Seeds
  • Supervised children’s area with face painting and potato sack racing

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