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Pickling Cukes!

The Farm is a-buzz with visions of pickles, and the time is now for making them.  Pickling cukes are crawling out of their beds and into the rows, lending their spiny green skins to harvesting hands, revealing cool cucumbery flesh…  but more so they are ready for pickling!

Did you know? Pickles are loaded with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Potassium, and are a good source of dietary fiber (the skins!).  The combination of hydrating flesh with fibery skins containing silica, K , Magnesium and other minerals make for an awesome, and nutritious snack.

Mmm, Mmm.  Pickles, gherkins, baby dills.  In a sandwich, on a stick, or by the jar full!  These days a majority of pickles are store bought and available in countless vinegar-based varieties.  You may have tried your hand at preserving your own or had a generous friend pass on a home-canned jar.  Ever had a sour or brined pickle?  I remember a kosher deli in the neighbourhood I grew up in, I’d order a bowl of soup, and most of all enjoy the never ending bowl of  brined pickles and beets on the counter – YUM!  Fermented pickles are easy to make and offer the additional benefits of fermented foods – contributing to a healthy digestive system for starters.

This week the farm has two opportunities for you to engage with Pickling Cukes!  Come on over to the Saturday market for pickling cukes, fresh garlic and herbs, in addition to the many other farm fresh offerings.  Extra special this week is a free Fermentation Demonstration at the Saturday market!  Explore further with the popular Food Preservation by Fermentation workshop on the evening of August 17th.  Join Chef Andrea Potter as she guides participants to create cucumber pickles, sauerkraut, and demonstrate kimchi making (check out the previous blog post about  Growing Seasons workshops or http://fermentaugust2011.eventbrite.com/ to register).

To avoid finding yourself in a pickle, come learn how to make your own – see you at the farm!


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Growing Season Workshops!


Three Sisters in the Kitchen: A traditional Maya cooking class.


Join members of the UBC Farm Maya in Exile Garden for an interactive traditional cooking workshop on August 13th, 2011 from 2pm-4pm. Learn some of the medicinal and culinary uses of various herbs and vegetables grown in their garden. In this workshop, participants will have a chance to make three dishes using amaranth (bledo), yerba mora and squash blossoms. Try your hand at making fresh tortillas, and enjoy the garden-fresh dishes you prepare! If time permits, participants will have a chance to visit the Maya Garden at the UBC Farm. For more information and to register click here!

Date: Saturday August 13th,  2pm-4pm

Cost: $30 (+ $1.74 registration fee)


Food Preservation by Fermentation!

This popular class is an introduction to the world of fermented vegetables.

Fermenting foods is an ancient method of preserving the harvest. Rich in probiotics and enzymes for improving digestion, these raw foods are re-gaining their popularity. Reclaim this skill and learn how to make sauerkraut, kimchi and brined pickles at home. We will be making: Cucumber pickles featuring UBC Farm’s own pickling cucs! A batch of sauerkraut for you to take home and start fermenting right away. A demonstration of making kimchi is included. And of course a pickle tasting platter! For more information and to register click here!

Date: Wednesday August 17th, 6pm-9pm

Cost: $50 (+ 2.24 registration fee)

For more information check out the registration links above.

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On Saturday Oct 31 all prospective applicants to the 2010 Sowing Seeds for the Future Practicum are invited to attend  a drop-in Open House at the UBC Farm between 2-5pm! Come meet this year’s apprentices and farm staff, tour the site and get your questions answered!

Sowing Seeds field trip to Salt Spring, June 2009*

Sowing Seeds field trip to Salt Spring, June 2009*

For the 2008 and 2009 growing seasons, the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm has been pleased to offer “Sowing Seeds,” a hands-on, season-long apprenticeship-style course in sustainable agriculture. Our second year of the program began in early March 2009 and completes early November 2009.

Now, after two full seasons, Sowing Seeds 2010 is under revision as we consider feedback from our 2008 and 2009 apprentices, our UBC Farm Staff and our Steering Committee.  We believe this evaluation is a critical step in the creation of an excellent program, and we are excited about the continued evolution of Sowing Seeds.  The 2010 course details (including course schedule, dates, fees and application information) will be available on our website shortly. Updated info will also be available at the Open House on Oct 31.  We hope to see you there!

(* Thanks to Nic for sharing his photos!)

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it's harvest... it's harvest time!

it's harvest... it's harvest time!

In the dark, cold, exam-filled winter of 2005/2006 I huddled in the UBC Farm Centre kitchen, surrounded by grafting knives, tape, bundles of unlikely looking twiggy things and mugs of hot tea.  Keen students and volunteers joined me, and thus began the UBC Farm Heritage Orchard!

We grafted 155 trees, including 60 different apple cultivars – over 50% of which  originated between 1600-1899 A.D.  (Very very old.  Very very cool).

I held my breath through till the spring when, miraculously, the buds on the unlikely little twiggy things (which were stored in pots  in an outdoor  shelter) began to break… Bright green leaves, which unfurled into perfect little flags of life. We cared for them over the summer, planted them into the UBC Farm soil in the rainy fall of 2006, established irrigation and trellising, pruned them, trained them, talked to them (at least I did) and weeded them.  And now, nearly three years later, we are harvesting gorgeous fruits from these  un-twig-like, lovely trees.  I fully admit my bias – but I think they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!

AND NOW FOR THE EVENTS!! This weekend the UBC Farm is participating in the UBC Botanical Garden’s AppleFest, Oct 17-18.  AND!!!  On Saturday October 17 – you are cordially invited to join me (Sarah Belanger) on one of three tours of the UBC Farm Heritage Orchard: 10am, 12pm, 2pm. We will meet at the UBC Farm gates and, though it may rain, it will be a lovely time.  A great outing for those interested in apple production and culture! For a little more info, please check out the UBC Farm Website.

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UBC Food Services Blueberry Fest

photo by Flickr user dwstucke

photo by Flickr user dwstucke

UBC Food Services, the UBC Bookstore and the BC Blueberry Council present the first annual Blueberry Fest July 28-30, 9am-1pm each day at the Bookstore Plaza. The event will include BC blueberries sold by the flat, daily prize draws, free recipes and UBC Bookstore discounts. A blueberry menu by Award-winning Executive Chef Piyush Sahay will feature blueberry pancakes, parfaits, cream blintzes, muffins, scones, and UBC Farm mixed greens with blueberry vinaigrette.

The UBC Farm will have a table at the event on Tuesday July 28th where we’ll be selling produce and UBC Farm merchandise. This will be in lieu of any campus sales outside of MacMillan next week, so make sure to stop by and see us!

Mark your calendar and join us at the Bookstore Plaza next week, bring your own bags and/or containers for all your purchases, recipes and information.

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michael pollan

Attention UBC students: Here is your chance to win a ticket to see Michael Pollan on June 6th!

Celebrated author and professor, Michael Pollan, will be making his only Canadian stop here at the UBC Farm. Submit a question for the question period and if you are chosen to ask your question you will win a free ticket to the event.

Please submit your question by 5 pm Wednesday May 27 to friendsoftheubcfarm@gmail.com

Open to UBC students only.

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How pleasurable is your eating?

Sounds like a very nice evening:

The Pleasure in Eating Discussion Group

Come share your thoughts and ideas about what it means to “eat with pleasure” in a discussion group facilitated by two fellow UBC students.

In a safe and comfortable environment, we will be exploring how to rediscover food’s purpose in our lives amidst the confusing messages we often encounter in our society.

When: Monday, March 16th, 5:30-7:00pm
Where: Sprouts (SUB basement, room 66)

Light snack and tea to follow.

Spots are limited. Please RSVP by Friday, March 13th to:

We hope to see you there!

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