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Dear Friends of the Farm,

We need your input and ideas to help secure a bright future for the UBC Farm that will benefit future generations. The South Campus Academic Plan (SCAP) is ready for public feedback. For those who may not know or remember, this is the plan that will lay out the vision for the long term future of the UBC Farm that will be presented to the Board of Governors this fall. This feedback opportunity may be one of our only chances to contribute to building a strong and compelling vision for the future use of the UBC farm. Please take advantage of this opportunity and share your ideas. The more voices we have contributing, the stronger our chances are for a plan that reflects the desires of the diverse users of the farm.

The timeline for feedback is short. This particular window is only open for one week. Different sections of the document will be opened each week for feedback. Please check the following weblink http://www.sas.ubc.ca/ each week for the next few weeks to make sure you give feedback on each section of the document. Please see the message below for details and link to the document and feedback page.

Many thanks,
Friends of the UBC Farm…read on…

The first section of the South Campus Academic Plan is now available for feedback.  Please go to http://www.sas.ubc.ca/ and look to the ‘Comment Period for the draft South Campus Academic Plan’ section.  Within it is a link to the current section open for comment.  This week’s section is the Mission Statement.  Also, the SAS poll this week (on the sidebar) addresses the SCAP Mission statement.   At weekly intervals, additional sections will be made available for comments.

Thank you for your time and thoughts,

Have a good day,

The South Campus Academic Plan committee


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