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Summer is still on here at the farm AT LEAST until the Fall Equinox on the 21st!  The cooler air is somewhat refreshing, and plays along with the continued buzzing of the fields and Harvest Hut.  As for many, there is the continued movement with the school year almost upon us as well.  Yipppee!  Fall is great: harvest and abundance, processing and preserving, enjoying every moment of sunshine and clear skies.

Markets are going strong through October and there is still plenty of time to get your hands dirty, your bellies full of fresh produce and frolic with fun-ness.  Our annual FarmAde is a couple short weeks away, hope to see you all there!  Volunteer positions are now up online.

Enjoy a stroll through these images of the past few weeks at the farm!


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Please join us this Saturday, June 12th for our first Saturday Farm Market

What: The UBC Farm Market – selling local, organically-grown produce from the idyllic setting of a comlete working farm right in the city. Featuring a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, and flowers plus eggs from our free-range hens.
When: 9:00am – 1:00pm, every Saturday through October, rain or shine
Where: at the UBC Farm, 6182 South Campus Road (see our contact page for directions)

Welcome back dedicated market goers! We hope you are as excited as we are for the 2010 market season to start. It’s shaping up to be another exciting, fun-filled year at the farm, and we hope you’ll join us this weekend and many more.

The name of the game this week is greens greens greens! We are very excited to offer an amazing assortment of green leafy veggies at market this week, including arugula, mizuna, ruby streaks, kale, chard, and spinach. Also – excellent supplies of our ever-popular salad mix – get it in the early season before the heat causes it to become scarce. Read on below for a full list of what to expect on the stands tomorrow. Our fresh herbs are also growing like mad, so it’s time to get creative in the kitchen! New this season – mixed herb bunches! At market this week we will have an ‘Italian Herb’ medley including oregano rosemary and thyme, as well as a ‘Hearty Herb’ medley including oregano, sage, thyme and savory.

Unfortunately our young hens are not quite laying yet, so there will be no eggs at market this week. However, we anticipate having them soon – stay tuned! This season, we are also excited to announce that we’ll be be hosting weekly pubic tours at the markets; see below for details. In addition to the general tour this week, our resident bee expert Alan Garr will be doing a bee hive opening at 11:30am. We also have about 10 other vendors joining us for our opening market offering a variety of products – see the link below to an interactive map listing who will be here. Please read on below for details – see you at the Farm!

Market details:

  • Payment information: Cash is the preferred (and quickest!) method of payment at the market. We are unable to process Interac or credit card transactions. We’ll accept cheque payment for purchases over $30. Many vendors only accept cash, so make sure you are prepared for the day!
  • Parking: Please park outside the farm gate in the lot or along South Campus Road. Three spots in our parking lot are reserved for persons of limited mobility. As parking space is limited, it’s even better if you can carpool, bus, bike or walk to the farm! See our website for directions. Please drive carefully along South Campus Road and watch for pedestrians, children and cyclists! Bike racks are available inside of the farm gates.
  • Plastic bag charge: In order to reduce our consumption of plastic and lessen the ecological footprint of our market, we charge customers 10 cents per plastic produce bag used. (This charge is for the tear-off roll bags and not for pre-bagged items). We encourage you to bring your plastic produce bags back and reuse them and let our cashiers know this. Thanks for your support in this effort!
  • Bring your own shopping bags! In addition to reusing your produce bags, please make sure to bring your own shopping bags to pack your purchases in and take them home. We will gladly accept donations of clean, used grocery bags to have on hand.
  • Eggs: No Eggs this week! When the hens start to lay (in the next couple of weeks), egg quantities will be limited (the hens can only produce so much!) and so we will continue our limit of one dozen eggs per family.
  • Line-ups: We operate on a first-come, first serve basis, therefore line-ups may take 30 minutes or more when the market first opens at 9am. Please visit us after 10:00am for much faster service. Some specialty items such as eggs and berries may be sold out, but we maintain a great selection of veggies all through the morning We greatly appreciate your patience with this matter!
  • Farm Tours: This season we will be offering UBC Farm tours to the public at 11:00am each Saturday. Please meet on the hill above the market by the picnic tables five minutes to 11:00. Tours will be approximately 30 minutes in length and are by donation. *Saturday Farm Tours tours are intended for individual market customers; organized groups interested in tours need to book tours ahead of time with farm staff by emailing farmteam@interchange.ubc.ca

UBC Farm produce available this week:

Herbs – Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Lovage, Mint, Anise Hyssop, Tarragon, Savory, plus herb medley bunches
Flower Bouquets
Lettuce heads – Drunken Woman, Marvel of Four Seasons varieties
Radishes – Sora variety
Ruby Streaks
Salad mix
Spinach – Bunched
Spinach – Bagged
Swiss Chard

Also at the market :

This season we have attempted to expand our vendor base, so please help us support these local producers! We are using a great new online market support system which allows us to share with you an interactive market map to view who will be attending the market each week and what you can expect them to be selling! Please check back each week to see what other goodies you can set your eye on!

Also at the markets this season, a Vancouver based non-profit group with UBC connections – the Southeast Asian Archaeologists (SAA) – will be collecting donations to help rebuild a Cambodian university badly damaged in that country’s wars. Visit their stall from 10am-1pm each week to drop off items, and see their flier (PDF) for a full list of donations sought.

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Photo: Don Erhardt

Check out this article from UBC Public Affairs about the exciting Think&EatGreen@School Project!  The interdisciplinary research team involved in this initiative includes investigators from the UBC Farm.


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This year’s UBC Farm dinner with Chef Robert Belcham of Refuel is on Monday, July 19th at 4:00pm. Tickets available for purchase through the Outstanding in the Field website.

Update: The OITF ticket sales system was not working today; they are currently in the process of scheduling an new release date so everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase tickets. Tickets will now go on sale Saturday, March 27th at 9am PT/12pm ET.

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One of Dr. Rieseberg’s graduate students has been studying the wild
Silverleaf variety in trial plots in the UBC Farm’s annual crop
rotation. The CBC has picked up on the work; here is the link to the article.

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hoop house, put to rest for winter

Hello Farm Friends!

Fall and Winter have been busy seasons here at the farm, and we are finally settling in for a bit of a rest over the holidays. We thought we would end the year with some good news – the UBC Farm has been named one of Tides Canada’s “Top Ten for 2009!”

From the Tides Canada site:

“Each year, we select ten social change organizations that we feel are making huge inroads in building a more just and sustainable world. These groups work tirelessly on the ground, running smart, strategic campaigns and achieving remarkable results.”

Take a look at the Top Ten list and the UBC Farm’s entry.

Best wishes for the holidays,

Friends of the UBC Farm

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Read it here!

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