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The fresh autumn air welcome all with the generous harvest of the season.   Acorn, Cinderella, Chucky and Delicata chatter excitingly in their harvest crates- wondering who will enjoy them in craft and cooking!

What a wonderful time of abundance and hunkering down!  Come on out to the UBC Farm Pumpkin Patch and bring home a Jack O Lantern, Sugar or Baby Pumpkin – stop by, the gates are open from 9am-5pm Tuesday through Saturdays.  And of course our campus and farm markets are offering fabulous fall produce in many shades and tastes of green, orange, red, yellow,  and blue!

Enjoy a virtual UBC Farm fall walkabout through these pictures, and hope to see you soon.  With warmth and community!


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Summer is still on here at the farm AT LEAST until the Fall Equinox on the 21st!  The cooler air is somewhat refreshing, and plays along with the continued buzzing of the fields and Harvest Hut.  As for many, there is the continued movement with the school year almost upon us as well.  Yipppee!  Fall is great: harvest and abundance, processing and preserving, enjoying every moment of sunshine and clear skies.

Markets are going strong through October and there is still plenty of time to get your hands dirty, your bellies full of fresh produce and frolic with fun-ness.  Our annual FarmAde is a couple short weeks away, hope to see you all there!  Volunteer positions are now up online.

Enjoy a stroll through these images of the past few weeks at the farm!

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Pickling Cukes!

The Farm is a-buzz with visions of pickles, and the time is now for making them.  Pickling cukes are crawling out of their beds and into the rows, lending their spiny green skins to harvesting hands, revealing cool cucumbery flesh…  but more so they are ready for pickling!

Did you know? Pickles are loaded with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Potassium, and are a good source of dietary fiber (the skins!).  The combination of hydrating flesh with fibery skins containing silica, K , Magnesium and other minerals make for an awesome, and nutritious snack.

Mmm, Mmm.  Pickles, gherkins, baby dills.  In a sandwich, on a stick, or by the jar full!  These days a majority of pickles are store bought and available in countless vinegar-based varieties.  You may have tried your hand at preserving your own or had a generous friend pass on a home-canned jar.  Ever had a sour or brined pickle?  I remember a kosher deli in the neighbourhood I grew up in, I’d order a bowl of soup, and most of all enjoy the never ending bowl of  brined pickles and beets on the counter – YUM!  Fermented pickles are easy to make and offer the additional benefits of fermented foods – contributing to a healthy digestive system for starters.

This week the farm has two opportunities for you to engage with Pickling Cukes!  Come on over to the Saturday market for pickling cukes, fresh garlic and herbs, in addition to the many other farm fresh offerings.  Extra special this week is a free Fermentation Demonstration at the Saturday market!  Explore further with the popular Food Preservation by Fermentation workshop on the evening of August 17th.  Join Chef Andrea Potter as she guides participants to create cucumber pickles, sauerkraut, and demonstrate kimchi making (check out the previous blog post about  Growing Seasons workshops or http://fermentaugust2011.eventbrite.com/ to register).

To avoid finding yourself in a pickle, come learn how to make your own – see you at the farm!

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We had our first big Friday harvest today in preparation for our farm gate sale. Ever wonder what it takes to get all that farm-fresh produce ready for market? Check it out!

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Presented by the Conscious Design Collective with support from the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm:

Please join us Aug. 23rd – Sept 11th for a dynamic, internationally recognized certificate course on the principles and practice of Permaculture Design.  We will guide you to finding practical applications of sustainable design in urban and rural contexts through dynamic media presentations, guest lecturers from UBC and the greater community, and applied hands-on sessions. Visit the Eventbrite page for full details and to register.

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The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets Conference & Marketing Caravan is 10 days away!

March 12th and 13th – Friday evening through Saturday (followed by the AGM), Penticton Ramada Inn, Penticton

Speaker Sessions: * Q&A with Honourable Steve Thomson, Minister of Agriculture & Lands * Jolene Brown – Award winning international speaker, marketing expert and farmer. * Annemarie Pedersen – Public & media relations expert, specializing in agriculture.

Door Prize: All registrants for the Conference will be entered to win a day of mentorship – a chance to have a one-day, on-farm consultation with a business consultant. This is a great opportunity to get valuable feedback and ideas. See website for Conference details or call 604-255-4250

University and high school students can register for FREE! To register, call 604-255-4250 or download the registration form and send it to: BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, Suite 308-2260 West 2nd Ave Vancouver, BC V6K 1H9

Sponsored by:

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hoop house, put to rest for winter

Hello Farm Friends!

Fall and Winter have been busy seasons here at the farm, and we are finally settling in for a bit of a rest over the holidays. We thought we would end the year with some good news – the UBC Farm has been named one of Tides Canada’s “Top Ten for 2009!”

From the Tides Canada site:

“Each year, we select ten social change organizations that we feel are making huge inroads in building a more just and sustainable world. These groups work tirelessly on the ground, running smart, strategic campaigns and achieving remarkable results.”

Take a look at the Top Ten list and the UBC Farm’s entry.

Best wishes for the holidays,

Friends of the UBC Farm

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