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Another ROUND of Cheese. We hope you’re ready for some more cheese filled fun, as David’s back in the city with 3 beginner classes and one advanced workshop to choose from!


In the Beginner Cheese class you’ll learn how to make fromagefrais, paneer, blue cheese, cheese curds, yogourt andkefir. David will lead participants through the various stages of the cheesemaking process from culturing to l’affinage (ageing). The workshop will emphasize a sort of ‘natural cheesemaking’, with a focus on simple, hands-on techniques that can be easily reproduced at home. David will also discuss the history, science and practice of cheesemaking, the politics of raw milk, rennet free cheeses and dairy ferments. Oh, and there will be lots of cheese to eat too!.For more information and to register click on the date(s) below:

Want to learn more about cheese? Why not take the advanced cheese course? In the advanced course you will: Knead mozzarella, brine feta cheese, and make Swiss style hard cheeses. Be enlightened about goat’s milk, goat’s milk cheeses, and the making of the most delicious chevre. Your very own cheese handbook will be provided. For more information and to register click on the date below:


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Join instructor Alaina Thébault from the Environmental Youth Alliance for a special Saturday morning yoga class at the UBC Farm.

Yoga, like gardening, is a moving meditation; a direct and physical communion with the seasons, the sun, the moon and the elements. Join gardeners and non-gardeners alike in preventing and relieving back pain, increasing strength and mobility, and enriching your work in the garden and elsewhere through a deeper connection to body, mind and soil…

  • Who: This class is appropriate for all skill levels. Many of the exercises are particularly beneficial for gardeners.
  • What to bring: Participants should bring their own mats, although many yogis choose to savour the sensation of grass under hand and foot!
  • Suggested donation: $10.
  • When10:30am-11:45am on Saturday, July 9 (please arrive on time)
  • Where: South of the Children’s Learning Garden, by the Farm Centre (look for signs at the Farm Market, or ask one of our staff members or wonderful volunteers)


Instructor  Bio:

The two places Alaina feels most alive is on her yoga mat and outdoors. A budding green thumb and an avid yoga instructor, she designed this class for gardeners and yogis, at any stage of either path. Yoga, like gardening, is at its roots an ongoing practice. As gardeners we plant a seed and watch it grow, tending, nourishing and protecting it, welcoming the fruits of our labour. For a student of yoga, the seed is the breath that we witness as it nourishes and connects us to our body, mind and soul; the fruits are the peace and strength we ultimately achieve. Alaina teaches various styles of yoga throughout Greater Vancouver, including a weekly Yoga for Gardeners class at the Strathcona Community Garden’s Eco Pavilion on Hawks and Prior. Classes are by donation and take place every Monday night from 7:00-8:30pm until August 29th.

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