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Michael Pollan chats with Oprah…

Have I mentioned that Michael Pollan is coming? Well, he is, and we are *oh so* excited about it.

What I have not mentioned is that he was featured in an (online only, I believe) piece from Oprah’s Earthday special. Yes, that’s right: we will have an Oprah-approved guest speaking at the Farm in just over a month. Get ready for it.

Remember, Michael Pollan live at the UBC Farm on June 6, 2009!


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A message from Rhianna at EYA:

Hello everyone,

If you have experience with bees, have access to hives, and are interested in and enjoy the transfer of beekeeping knowledge then please see the attached documents about the Environmental Youth Alliance’s ‘Community Hive’ Sustainable Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program.

Also, if you have beekeeping equipment that you are not using, then please consider donating those unused materials to the EYA as we would like to provide start-up materials to the apprentices upon completion of the program.


Rhianna Nagel
Environmental Youth Alliance Youth Garden Coordinator
phone: 604-689-4446
fax: 604-689-4242

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Gorgeous day today. Tim sauteed up the first asparagus harvest and we delighted in freshness.

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Just heard about EYA’s new beekeeping apprenticeship that is starting this year. Rihanna tells me it’s all full for this season, but definitely something to watch for next year. Wish I could be a part of it!

EYA’s description:

The ‘Community Hive’ Sustainable Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program

The ‘Community Hive’ is a collaborative effort between the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), the Means of Production Garden Artists Raw Resource Collective (MOPARRC), and Master Beekeeper Brian Campbell. The ‘Community Hive’ seeks to mentor and support youth in the apiculture industry and to engage Vancouver residents in the importance of the issues facing bees across North America.


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Apparently some folks are making a fuss about Vancouver’s plans to allow people to keep small numbers of chickens in the city. Our readers probably already know that chickens can be clean, good-smelling and productive animals in an urban setting, so you might be interested in telling the City that you’re happy that they’re proposing to change our out-dated regulations.

Want to tell Vancouver’s leaders about your support for backyard flocks? Farm Folk / City Folk has put up a convenient online petition for just that reason.

Check out the link here.

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Mark Bomford, the program director at UBC Farm, and Samara Brock, big-time friend of the Farm, will both be part of the speaking panel at this event. Should be a very interesting evening!

Urban Food Renaissance: A discussion on issues of food security, policy, and health

Summary: What are the challenges facing planners and policy makers in addressing issues related to food security and public health? How can we contribute to effective actions that address these challenges? Join us at the upcoming PlanTalk for a discussion on these issues with representatives from the City of Vancouver, City of Surrey, UBC Farm and BC Healthy Communities.

When:  Monday, April 27, 2009 (6:30-9:00PM)

Appetizers and networking from 6:30-7:00, to be followed by presentations and discussion from 7:00-9:00.

Where:  SFU Harbour Centre (Room 1600), 515 West Hastings Street

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Wednesday Walkabout, April 15

Things are looking good around here. Seeds in trays, sprouts from the ground, and bulbs flowering everywhere. We’ve even got salmon berries flowering and our asparagus has AT LAST reached it’s fingers up to say hello. Hello, little asparagus! Hello, salmon berries! We’d like to eat you now!

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